The Mauritanian activist Aminetou Mint Ely, in Galicia with the help of Abanca and Fundación Terra de Homes

The Mauritanian activist Aminetou Mint Ely, in Galicia with the help of Abanca and Fundación Terra de Homes

Abanca has launched a forum to promote the development of social responsibility in business in Galicia, an initiative whose first edition will take place this Thursday at the Pazo de Iñás, in Oleiros (A Coruña), with the presence of the president of the Association of Women Head of the Family (ASCF) of Mauritania, Aminetou Mint Ely.

His presence also coincides with the recognition that will be presented to him this Friday at the solidarity gala that the non-governmental organization Tierra de Hombres celebrates every year in A Coruña.

The presentation of the Abanca Responsable Forum, made up of some 40 members, including companies and representatives from the third sector, took place at the Abanca headquarters with the presence of the Mauritanian activist and the delegate of Tierra de Hombres in Galicia, Raúl Besada, besides the director of Corporate Responsibility of Abanca, Tatiana Suárez.

In it, the representative of this financial institution has explained that the forum, which already includes companies such as Repsol, Feiraco and Froiz, as well as others of smaller size, as well as members of the third sector, will have a biannual character with the organization of work tables or other initiatives like the one that will take place this Thursday.



Regarding its objective, it has said that it is “contributing to the development of social responsibility”, but aimed, above all, at small and medium-sized Galician companies. “Identify those good practices,” he summarized. Meanwhile, he said that they will also work with entities of the Third Sector in a proposal that adds to other initiatives promoted by the entity and covering areas such as education.

Regarding this first edition, he remarked that “the protagonism” will be Tierra de Hombres and the activist Aminetou Mint Ely, who has thanked the support they receive from Spain and, in particular, the one she had after being imprisoned in several times for the work that develops in your country.



About the work carried out by his association, he explained that it focuses on helping children who are exploited, promote their integration into the educational system, collaborate in the labor insertion of adults through small loans or provide food and school and health equipment to different collectives.

On the other hand, he recalled that the collaboration with Tierra de Hombres began in 2009, but that, a year ago, his work is carried out with the help that this organization achieves with its initiatives in Spain. “Mauritania is a crossroads of all traffics, drugs, human beings …”, he has quoted in exposing the situation in his country “with the use of children to spend drugs,” he said.

In addition, it has remarked, especially, the situation of women and girls, “with forced marriages between 4 and 14 years to save the honor of the family.” Faced with this, he explained that they have seven centers throughout Mauritania and 380 points distributed in neighborhoods and different regions, as well as lawyers and staff who carry out their work without waiting for the funds to reach them.

“We work with the determination not to wait for money,” he said. On the other hand, the balance of their activity, has highlighted that they have managed to help more than 13,000 children who were exploited by employment, integrate into the educational system to more than 6,000 or give assistance to more than 600 marriages through a system of small loans. “We have 887 young girls who have reached the age of schooling,” he added.



However, she has admitted the difficulty of a job for which she and other collaborators have been imprisoned. However, he highlighted the achievements and the need to continue “working”. Thus, he recalled that, with the help of Tierra de Hombres, they are working to repatriate children separated from their families with just three years.

For his part, Raul Besada has highlighted initiatives such as the one promoted by Abanca, while underlining the “recognition” of the work of the Association chaired by Mint Ely for his presence in this forum and also with the act scheduled this Friday at the gala of Tierra de Hombres, at 8:00 pm, at the Ágora Center. In it, in addition to the work of Mint Ely, the work of other entities and people will be recognized.